Small Business Ownership Insights

Top priorities for new entrepreneurs include networking—21 percent saw this is the most important, while 18 percent worked on a business plan to help their business get off the ground.…

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Honey Hunters of Nepal

A novel set in the medium-flung future, with a plot that hinges on the theft of a kind of super-book. A super-book that is engrossing, interactive, networked; with pages that change before your eyes; …

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The Time of Year for Starting Anew?

This story is heartbreaking and inspirational at the same time, a teen telling his story via YouTube nights before his death. Titled, “This is my story – Part 1 & 2” by Ben Breedlove …

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It’s All Local and Caffeinated.

The new local small coffee shop, Caffe Amouri, It’s a thriving vibrant new business, why is that? It’s all about local and the reemergence of the shop-around-the-corner.
Should be fun to s…

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Dreams Without Boundaries

Stella Pop presents – The Making of Dreams Without Boundaries and original hip-opera written and performed Grammy nominated DC rapper Kokayi and Miss DC 2009, Jen Corey.…

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Are You Willing To Catch The Wave?

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation
and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, ph…

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Innovation Deficit Disorder

Eric Schmidt of Google fame writes that the model for innovation in America has to change from a top down trickle method to a bottom up via the availability of information online. This sounds about ri…

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Idea Economy

The Economist believes that the world is governed by ideas. Because human progress relies on the advancement of good ideas, we are launching a new series of events that brings together top thinkers fr…

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Direct to Device – iContent by Apple

Apple quite possibly is about to dominate another of the online arena – content delivered directly to a device. Specifically the iPad could be another game changer for Apple through an iTunes li…

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Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics

> There are more than 3.5bn pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook.
>There are now 11m LinkedIn users across Europe.
>Towards the end of last year, …

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