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Do You Mingle with a MingleStick?

Have you ever been to a giant trade show and had the task of staying connected and gathering trade show contact information? Stella has and it stinks! Mingle360 has created a great new trade show product that can help you and your organization stay connected and together at trade shows – MingleStick

stella says check out the new minglestick
stella says check out the new minglestick

What does it do? Here it is from Mingle 360:

Life is fast paced. Every day we meet lots of people, but then wave and say goodbye. We miss many opportunities to connect. Sometimes we trade business cards, but they can get misplaced or even lost. We want to stay connected, but don’t want any hassles. We need something better. We need something simple and easy . . . yet stylish.

Introducing the MingleStick. A small, inexpensive keychain device that allows people to exchange identity information with a simple click of a button.


People MeetingSimplify your life and meet someone with ease.
It’s Simple! Two people connect with each other by pointing their MingleSticks and pressing one simple button. A connection is made within a split second! Lose the need for business cards, pen, paper and the hassle of it all.

The MingleStick is sleek and small, so take it out of your pocket to make that connection wherever you go!


People Using the MingleStickWith the click of a button a connection is made It’s Safe!
Our revolutionary technology creates a connection between two MingleStick users without any permanent information exchanged. Not sure what contact information is right for the occasion? The MingleStick allows you to decide later! Protect your privacy and have peace of mind knowing that your email address, phone number, mailing address will be given to the right people at the right time. MingleStick users socialize and safely connect with others without any risk.

Use your stick to meet anyone – friends, business associates, acquaintances and even complete strangers!


People talkingManage your real world contacts online.
It’s Convenient! When you return home, plug the MingleStick into the USB port of your Internet connected computer. No more typing in contacts or scanning business cards because your mingle history is automatically uploaded and ready for review! Add and delete contacts as you see fit. MingleManager uses granular security controls to help you share and manage contact information. Additionally, the auto updating address book eliminates the need to maintain a person’s contact information.

You have complete control over your connections and privacy! A perfect solution for your busy life.

The Mingle360 Solution

The Mingle360 solution combines a single-purpose device with a powerful software application. The MingleStick is an innovative USB device using wireless technology to create connections between people. The MingleManager application offers total identity management with its privacy features, granular security controls, and address book tools. Our contact management service helps solve common problems and enables people to better manage their daily lives. The combination of the patent pending MingleStick and MingleManager will revolutionize how people exchange and manage identity information. To find out more, call us at 703.425.0402or click here to contact us.

Now go forth at those trade shows and mingle, that’s a branding and networking order.

Stella says, how many miles have we walked in those trade shows – millions.

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